Mediastow unveils region’s first integrated platform for print, broadcast and social media monitoring and analysis

Mediastow, the leading media intelligence agency in the MENA region, launched the region’s first-of-its-kind integrated platform for social media, print and broadcast monitoring, analysis and measurement.

Mohamed Elzubeir, head of Mediastow, said the move was aimed at enabling businesses to monitor print, broadcast and social media with a fully fledged and integrated approach. The new system’s capabilities are backed up by high-quality operational and maintenance support available worldwide.

“With the evolution of the social media, every blogger is a journalist, exercising a significant impact on any company. It is therefore very critical for a company to know what bloggers are saying and what impact they have on stakeholders,” said Elzubeir commenting on the new integrated monitoring platform.

Elzubeir added: “The new system offers an important tool to companies to understand their position within the social, broadcast and print media. The service is delivered in two packages: DIY (Do It Yourself) with training provided by Mediastow or fully managed by Mediastow analysts.”

Cost-wise, the new system will minimize print, broadcast and social media monitoring and make it more commoditized, in line with Mediastow’s vision for the MENA region.

Leading brands are increasingly seeking to track online conversations and engage with customers in real-time. Mediastow continues to invest in developing cutting-edge technologies that compete on an international standard.

The digital interaction amongst stakeholders of any company was never more active as it is today. The Internet could be a key battleground between rivals where a single 140 characters tweet could affect the share price of any company. This requires companies to keep an eye on what is going on in the cyber world.

“We decided to integrate three media disciplines into one channel of monitoring and analysis to educate the market on the importance of every media outlet, whether it is broadcast, web or print. We are equipped to monitor every segment of viewership and readership in a cost effective and reliable methodology,” said Elzubeir.

“Monitoring social media will help companies to develop new approaches to the way they talk to their customers. Monitoring this kind of media is the starting point for engagement, interaction and advocacy of customers.”

Mediastow’s new integrated service helps companies and organizations track trends and identify their sources, allowing communications specialists to engage directly with their stakeholders, emphasized Elzubeir.