Digisocial Media Monitoring

We will bring business intelligence to social media. We show you what’s happening online, what it means for your products and brands, and how to engage in the conversation.

  • Comprehensive Coverage and Historical Archives

    We will gather comprehensive, aggregating information from around the world. All content is tracked in real time, allowing up‐to‐the‐minute monitoring. This makes us a one‐stop shop for all your social media analytic needs.

  • Global and Multilingual

    Social media has no geographic boundaries. People are talking everywhere in a wide variety of languages. We will collect data from around the world, giving users the ability to quickly see the conversations taking place and where they are happening. This includes conversations in multiple languages, which can be quickly translated using tools within our system.

  • Spam Free

    The amount of spam on the Web continues to rise, much of it machine generated content that can be malicious. Spam can skew the results of social media searches and queries, making them inaccurate. To produce clean data, we use a proprietary four‐step spam filtering technology that keeps “noise” out of the system. We check the content at multiple levels to assess if it is legitimate. Our spam filters ensure the social media insights shaping your business decisions are accurate.

  • Instantaneous Results

    We let you search for what you need when you need it, letting you identify and analyze new issues as they emerge everything is dynamic and real‐time. We provide instant results by archiving every conversations taking place on the Web.

  • Automated Sentiment

    We automatically evaluate conversations based on sentiment (e.g. positive, negative or neutral) ‐ to deliver feedback about your products and brands. By automating the process, we can significantly reduce the time needed to analyze conversations. Using leading‐edge machine learning and advanced language processing technologies, we identify context within each conversation, offering the ability to assess sentences within the same article or blog post.

  • Text Analytics

    There are too many conversations happening on the Web for people to manually keep up. Based on language analysis and contextual understanding technology, we distill the key themes and issues so you can drill down to the relevant content. Among our tools is the Buzzgraph, which shows the topics being discussed, the companies and people in the spotlight, and the key conversations happening.

  • Geography and Demographics

    You need to know the target audience, their age, gender, profession and where they are located around the world. We provide user‐friendly charts that show an overall snapshot, as well as trends over time to quickly display geo‐demographic information. You can also drill down and segment opinions based on specific factors. For example, we can easily identify 21‐to‐35‐year‐ old males in Italy talking about the Xbox.

  • Comparisons and Trends

    Compare multiple competitors or issues across different geographic areas, languages or demographic groups. Access and analyze trends based on historical data archive and continuously updated real‐time data.

  • Influencer Identification and Engagement

    Identify the people driving the conversations, and understand who they are and their authority/relevance to your company, brand or products. Then, engage with key influencers and opinion leaders to build, nurture and manage relationships. We automatically provide authority and reach scores based on a factors such as inbound links, social bookmarks and comments.

  • Collaboration and Workflow Management

    Share information and insight with co‐workers and team members by saving and tagging searches and content. The entire workflow ‐ listen, measure, understand and engage ‐ can be managed within the same platform, and include multiple team members. You can also easily extract insights in PDF / CSV (MS Excel), and use graphics to prepare reports.