Comparative Intelligence

Comparative intelligence reports provide the following:

Comparative Facets of Coverage

Share of Voice: The share of voice reflects the number of articles with mentions of the company/subject/entity/person. It is presented in percentage form, relative to other competing mentions.

Coverage Size: The coverage size reflects the physical size of clippings. E.g. newspaper clippings are measured in column centimeters (Cc) whereas magazine clippings are measured in pages. This is to reflect how placing an advertisement is calculated.

Impressions: The impressions reflect the exposure a mention potentially achieved. The figure is based on the circulation of publications and the number of clippings tracked.

AVE: The Advertising Value Equivalent is the ratecard average price of placing an advertisement of equivalent size on the said medium.


Language: The breakdown of coverage by language.

Genre: The breakdown of coverage by publication genre (e.g. Business, Lifestyle..)

Media Type: The breakdown of coverage by media type (newspaper, magazine, online, etc.)

Article Type: The breakdown of coverage by article type (e.g. press release, feature, review, etc.)


An evaluation of all the relevant metrics  is conducted in order to present recommendations.