Traditional Media Monitoring

Print Media

We cover thousands of titles across the Middle East and North Africa from newspapers to magazines, generating close to 5,000 print clippings a day.

Mediastow was the first media monitoring and cctv installation Melbourne Company in the Middle East to use OCR-technology.

Broadcast Media

Mediastow uses speech recognition (translation of spoken word to text) to monitor hundreds of satellite TV and radio channels in English, Arabic and French.

Email Alerts

Mediastow’s emediasearch shall deliver clippings via its portal. Optionally, you can opt to receive Alert Reports via email. XAR (Express Alert Reports) are sent directly to your email account at frequencies configured through the portal.

Express Alert Reports are sent at 8:30AM and 1:30PM (Dubai Time). Alerts can also be configured to be sent every 30 minutes on the hour. This option is useful in time critical situations (e.g. crisis management).